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The Institute for Sales And Marketing (ISAM) is the trusted advisor for shaping, implementing and empowering commercial transformations within organisations.

We distinguish ourselves through:

  • a practice-proven, future-proof approach
  • a team of experienced practice leaders and renowned professors
  • more than 25 years of practical experience and the latest scientific insights



State-of-the-art training programmes based on the latest scientific knowledge and insights to get the most out of yourself and your professional role.

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Customised development journeys for the development of your commercial organisation. For individuals, teams and the entire organisation.

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Strategic advice for your commercial organisation and policies based on best practices. Targeted actions and tooling for successful implementation in your practice.

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Hands-on guidance from experienced consultants and implementation managers with an approach that is proven in practice. For temporary support during peak periods or on projects.

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What customers say about us

“Thanks to the positive experiences my colleagues had with ISAM, I quickly identified the postgraduate course in Strategic Account Management as the ideal choice. The lecturers cover the theory in depth, but they also translate this into practical case studies. Highly recommended for experienced sales professionals looking to sharpen their mindset!”

Pascal Mouthaan
Director Business Development bij Robeco

“ISAM’s postgraduate Sales Leadership course has far exceeded my expectations. I was surprised not only by the exceptional quality and diversity of the lecturers but also by the many practical examples and the new insights I gained about myself as a manager. All in all, I was able to make a huge leap in my development. This course is a must for today’s commercial managers.”

Joost Boelens
Manager of National Accounts at CSU Cleaning Services

“ISAM’s postgraduate Strategic Account Management course inspires you to seek a deep understanding of your clients so that you can continue to make a difference and add value for them. The lecturers link practical experience with the latest knowledge and insights in sales and account management in an inspiring way. Highly recommended for any experienced sales professional seeking to further their professional development!”

Roy van Spaandonck
Account Executive at Oracle

“I’ve had a lot of sales training in recent years, but ISAM’s postgraduate Strategic Account Management course was really next level, in my opinion. The experienced lecturers and top scientists impressed me with their knowledge. They encouraged me to think differently and step out of my comfort zone.”

Benali Belhadi
Senior Client Manager Sales at Nationale-Nederlanden

“For me, ISAM’s postgraduate course in Strategic Account Management was the perfect way to build on previous courses as well as daily practice. I have learned to make a difference for clients by immersing myself in the market and the issues and processes they deal with – regardless of the products and services I can offer.”

Maurits van Vliet
Senior Sales Consultant at Aegon

“The knowledge and insights I gained from the ISAM postgraduate Strategic Account Management course are helping me to excel commercially to this day. It has helped me become a strategic partner for my clients and contacts. I also made some great new professional friends on the course.”

Robert Kozijn
Senior Account Executive at PEGA