In a competitive environment with long-term relationships and mutual dependencies, it can be very difficult to reconcile opposing interests and propositions – especially if one of the parties has a stronger position. The only way out of such a situation is through structured and balanced negotiation. The Masterclass Advanced Negotiation will teach you how to do this.

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In brief


2 days


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€ 1.495,-



  • An ambitious professional looking to hone their negotiation skills to manage a full negotiation process and see through ‘dirty tricks’.
  • The ability to think and work at university level and a curiosity about the latest knowledge and insights in the field of commercial negotiation.
  • A solid foundation of knowledge and skills that will ensure you always enter a negotiation optimally prepared and confident.

The Advanced Negotiation Master Class explores the essential aspects of negotiation, including its fundamental principles, content, processes and behaviour. The lecturer takes you through the phases of commercial negotiation and provides best practices, ready-to-use concepts and proven negotiation tactics that you can use to ensure you enter every negotiation optimally prepared and confident.

During the master class, you will continuously translate to your personal negotiation style.

The two-day Masterclass Advanced Negotiation costs € 1,495. This includes a course folder (with playbook) and full catering. (Excludes 21% VAT.)

Learning Experience

Course overview

Key principles of negotiating

  • What characterizes a negotiation situation?
  • What are the key rational and emotional drivers that influence negotiation?
  • Negotiate on content, process and behavioral levels.

Phasing of negotiation

  • The phases of commercial negotiations.
  • Introduction preparation program and negoplaybook.
  • Balancing between cooperative and competitive negotiation by stage.

The perfect preparation

  • Analysis and qualification of the negotiating context
  • Establish interests and goals.
  • Determine strategy to be followed and tactics to be implemented.

Game on

Time to apply what you learned in a challenging oner trade case! Personal feedback on one’s own negotiating style and applied concepts and tactics.

An effective opening

  • Setting the scene.
  • Strong opening and positioning: selling your case.
  • Steering the process.

Working with concessions and influencing techniques

  • Dealing smartly with congruent, distributive and integrative negotiation topics.
  • Creating value and claiming value.
  • Working with a concession matrix.

Closing the deal

  • Dealing with (price) objections and removing blockages.
  • This is how you conclude a negotiation.
  • Evaluate and perpetuate the end result.

Laten we dit in de praktijk brengen

In the afternoon you will transfer what you have learned to your own practice. Where will you apply this and in what situation?

*The training programme may differ from the above outline


Course dates:


  • Thursday, June 13
  • Friday, June 14


  • Wednesday 2 October
  • Thursday 3 October

Core concepts

Course contents

  • Negotiation tools
  • Practical insights
  • Dirty tricks
  • ISAM Certificate

Masterclass Advanced Negotiation

The lecturers

The Masterclass Advanced Negotiation is taught by, among others, negotiation expert mr. George van Houtem MBA.

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    Masterclass Advanced Negotiation

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